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Sunday, December 9th, 2012, 2:02am (1 Comment)

We are all 99 Percent empty space

Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

I know I know. Silly blog topic... Sorry in advance.

Anyway, I'm up late at home tonight, still trying to finish a philosophy paper, and the paragraph I just wrote attempts to use something I learned in Quantum Physics to justify some philosophies written by a man named Descartes. Then, being the procrastinator I am, I decided to turn to my twitter friends instead of actually finishing my paper.

I asked "We are all at least 99.9999% empty space. True or false?", and now everyone is beeping my timeline with answers. So far none of you guys got the right answer! What gives!? [...]

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Friday, December 7th, 2012, 6:38am

William Shatner Unfriended Me on Facebook

Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

William Shatner
Image By: Jerry Avenaim | Source

So so sad.

I just found out yesterday that William Shatner unfriended me on facebook. No, I'm not talking about his fan page. I mean I was on his actual friend's list... the personal one. Did you guys know that celebrities do this sometimes? They make a "Like" page, but then they also go around letting people add them on their personal page, thinking everything will be okay, and then eventually facebook is like "Hey bitch, 5,000 friends max!" and the celebrity has to start unfriending people. At least I'm hoping that's what happened. It also could have been that I repost a lot of Takei updates haha... or maybe some anti-bible stuff, or some Mayan ribbers, I dunno. [...]

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012, 11:00pm

Silly Random Word Sentences on Twitter

Categories: Journal | Mouth Diarrhea

uhhhh... well whats up you guys... most of you probably don't even know what this is about, but some of you are on twitter with me right now tweeting up a storm.

Essentially I came home from school about a half hour ago and asked my friends on twitter to DM me (direct message) a random word, and I'll make a silly sentence based off of it. You'd think I would get just a few words and probably struggle to fill in the gaps, right? You would be wrong... apparently it is happy hour on twitter right now, because I literally got over 50 direct messages and way too many words to actually put together. All the freaking DM conversations I was having are now pushed down and purged by twitter, in favor of a vast array of one-word direct messages. [...]

Monday, May 17th, 2010, 12:16am

He's Not a Booker, New Lights, Wee-Man, and I have new CDs

Categories: Journal | Mouth Diarrhea

Mike Peralta - Music of My Youth (CDs)
Oh dear its been 2 months since my last blog entry! I guess I slipped back into the old "I've got to wait until I have something very interesting to say" mindset that caused me to never blog before. I promise to all of you from now on, I will resist that urge. And yes I'm saying my blogs will never say anything interesting.

He's Not a Booker

So, awhile back, I don't even remember how far back anymore, I placed an ad up on craigslist looking for a booking agent, because well, I need one. For non music biz people, a booking agent is basically just someone who goes around trying to find gigs for you, either gigs that pay a flat fee or gigs that you can make money off of based on ticket sales or some other plan. When a booker books you a show, you pay them a percentage of the money you make (usually). Anyhow, I figured it was a good plan because who wouldn't want to make money booking me gigs? [...]

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010, 7:00pm

Ghost Hunters Sucks, and I'm Making Better (More affordable) T-Shirts

Categories: Journal | Mouth Diarrhea

Ghost Hunters Sucks

Ok here is every f-ing episode of "Ghost Hunters" in a nutshell:

Ghost Hunter: "OMFG did you hear that noise? That was a ghost for sure! Can you feel that cold running across your arm? HOLY SHIT the EKG noise meter thingy is going wild! This place is SO haunted OMGGgggggggggggggg"

[Next Day]

Home Owner: "So, what did you guys find out last night?"

Ghost Hunter: "Oh nothing it was actually just a tree"


Yay T-Shirts!

Something that's been a problem lately for me is my inability to sell T-Shirts at shows. I started off asking $15 for one shirt, which to me doesn't sound like a lot if you like a musician and want to support, and is actually on the low end of what I've seen around at various shows and stuff. But nobody buys... well ok a few people buy, but its kind of a rare thing. I was thinking about this recently and I realized that the typical show-goer sees a band in a more club/party ish atmosphere like a bar, club, party, etc, and is often intoxicated when purchasing that T-Shirt and other merch items. So it just occurred to me that since most of my shows are at malls or fairs or you know, daytime-family-public-outdoorsy locations.... maybe what has been happening is that people just don't have or want to spend the $12 that I've been charging for them, and they're too sober to say "F it, I want that shirt!". [...]

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Thursday, March 18th, 2010, 10:00pm

I'll Tweet After I'm Dead, Weird Dream About Pot and My Dad, Greenlit on Hold, and Damn You Hot Girls

Categories: Journal | Mouth Diarrhea

It has just occurred to me that if I were to die today, my website would continue to tweet on my behalf for the next 6 months. How is this, you ask? I programmed a section into the admin area of this website to allow me to save tweets... tweets that I don't feel are very time-critical, but are somewhat funny enough that I want to eventually tweet them. So basically whenever I think I've thought of something funny, but I've just recently tweeted and don't want to over-tweet (agh, what a nerd), I save my tweet in the auto-tweeter section of my website. Then what happens is if I haven't tweeted for 3 days or more, my site will automatically go into my little saved list of stupid sayings and tweet one on my behalf, then send me an email so I know I've been lazy on tweeting. So far its only happened once, and I have over 60 tweets saved. That's 60 tweets times 3 days between tweets. That's seriously 6 months. So if I die, and my website keeps tweeting, you'll know its just me, back from the grave to haunt the shit out of all your asses, and not some hacker.

Uhm... so... true story.. The other night I had a weird dream about my dad. Some friends of mine from my bar showed up at my house, all wasted and being super loud. I asked them to sit down and be more quiet, and started asking them what kind of food they wanted me to fix them, what sodas they wanted, etc, when all the sudden they all whipped out a huge pot pipe and started smoking it. Then my dad came into the room, and I started getting all embarrassed and stuff, when suddenly he he looks at the pot pipe and suddenly transforms from the very stern, large, humorless man he is, into a very skinny, dirty, tan looking guy with a thick pimp accent and a hobo's hat. Suddenly 100 times more friendlier than he usually is, he then says in his new pimp accent to my friends, "hey maaaaaaaaaaaaan lemme get a hit off that she-it!". Stunned, I stare at my 'dad' in amazement and begin wondering how different my life would be if I had shared a pot pipe with my dad as a little kid, and using that as an excuse to have actual opportunities to interact and bond with him regularly without being yelled at or made to feel guilty in some way (lol). Anyhow, being the "I love pot heads and yet I never smoke pot myself" kind of guy that I am, I turned him down when he offered to smoke me out with my friends, and was left standing in the corner in an awkward Ben Stiller kind of moment, watching a transformed image of my dad smoke pot with all my friends. Analyze that, mister Freud. [...]

Monday, March 1st, 2010, 2:32am (1 Comment)

When All Else Fails, Make Captain Picard a PB&J

Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

Captain Picard Middle Finger
People tell me they love how random my blogging is, so I'm going to continue that tradition by telling you about one of the lamest/awesomest things I've ever done. You might know I'm a Trekkie by now (sort of), in that I've watched like EVERY single episode of EVERY star trek series that has ever come out, and I am proud to admit that, except that I don't really go to conventions or have posters or anything. I just like the episodes. ANYHOW, what I often like to do is use series' as an excuse to spend time with my mom and/or sister. I've been doing this for a long time now, and gone through tons of series' like "Sex and the City" (Or sex in the city, I forget), "The Sopranos", "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "I Dream of Genie", "Bewitched"... the list goes on and on basically.

And if you don't know it already, I'm a huge, huge nerd, and I really enjoy doing dumb stupid nerdy things. You know how lately its been fashionable for people to say, "Yea I'm SUCH a dork!".... but the people who say it are always half kidding, and you can tell that they think their dorkyness makes them somehow cool? Like, they're just pretending to be dorks but still holding back to maintain an image? [...]

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Monday, February 22nd, 2010, 3:36am

Re-booked some stuff, Krystal hates Spiders, I Need Your Damn Pics, I'm Flabby, More Updates, and I'm a 108 Year Old Female

Categories: Journal | Mouth Diarrhea

I don't have a whole lot to write about in today's blog... but guess what. I'm writing anyway.

The Block at Orange just booked me for another month, which is awesome. I can't wait to get back there again. I'll be getting insured for it this week.

I played at the Long Beach Towne Center this last Friday, and it was great as usual. An old high school friend Krystal came down to help me take a few pictures to give to the main booker/promoter that schedules me there. She took like 80 pictures and I still haven't emailed them out. Note to self: email them out. Note to self: eat chocolate [...]

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Monday, February 1st, 2010, 2:21pm (4 Comments)

Running out of Gigs, I Scare Normal Humans, and I'm an Evil Multiplayer Gamer

Categories: Journal | Mouth Diarrhea

Freddy Looking Up
Happy weekday everyone.

Well, it appears that my live shows are soon running out. My wednesday lunchtime gigs at the LBC Towne Center are officially over. The dude who books for them told me it was time to rotate to a different performer. I suppose I lasted an exceptionally long amount of time... it is supposed to be "Acoustic Wednesdays" over there, but for the last 3 or so months it was pretty much "Mike Peralta Wednesdays", heehee. I did have a ton of fun and made a lot of extra money for music doing it. I only regret not saying goodbye to the security guys and staff over there.... but I didn't know last week was my last show until I asked for a another re-book this weekend. Oh well. They're good guys anyway. Oh yeah, one more regret. I never put out my newsletter sign up form until the very last day. I just figured, "This is just people eating lunch, what do they care about signing up for a musician's newsletter?" so I never put it out... Turns out I was wrong yet again. I put out the signup form on the last day and got like 17 signups, even though the lunch area was relatively dead. [...]

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Monday, January 25th, 2010, 3:04pm

Stevie Wonder, Star Trek, Ninja Ass-Ass, My Newsletter, My Mind, and I've Been Rained Out

Categories: Journal | Mouth Diarrhea

Hello all.

Before I start ranting, a quick note. The most wrong thing I've heard this week: A quote on someone's page where they said they were "... happier than Stevie Wonder when valtrex came out".

I woke up the other day with a major stiff lower back, which is really weird and dumb. I don't ever get back pain. I didn't even go to the gym for about 3 days prior, or do any heavy lifting. And I've also been single for over 5 months now and its not like I'm an active booty-caller, so it couldn't have been that either. I just woke up with a stiff back and don't even know what I did to deserve it. Now I'm sort of leaning forward and to the sides every once in awhile at random places throughout the day, with my shoulders all slumped forward like I'm kind of psychopath about to do a dive roll. Maybe I flexed my back in a dream. I'm a semi-sleepwalker, in that if I hear noise in the room while I'm sleeping, I'll sometimes try to talk back to it by moaning or saying things outloud like, "bob?" or "i have to download my pants"... or sometimes I'll jerk around or kick my feet if I'm running in the dream and trip or something. Once, I had a dream where I had to hit something away from me, and in real life I smacked the back of my hand on my headboard SO HARD that I had a solid lump on it for 6 months. The best part was that the pain wasn't even enough to wake me up, just enough to make me remember it happening the next morning. [...]

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