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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014, 4:33pm (1 Comment)

Over 35,000 plays!

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Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me [Cover]
-Cover for Mike Peralta's song "I Want You With Me"

Photography by: Heinz von Bockelmann under CC by 2.0 license, adapted by Mike Peralta
Yo dudes!

So my latest song "I Want You With Me" has been out about a month and a half and I have what will probably be the final update regarding what's been happening with it and soundcloud.

If you haven't seen my previous updates, I released it on (i believe) June 14th, 2014 to this website, soundcloud, and some others. For awhile we were getting quite a few plays and I was pretty happy. A lot of you listened and gave me feedback, a lot of you helped share the track with your friends, and we generally had a good time. [...]

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2014, 9:00am

12,000 plays in 18 days!

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YO dudes!

I have a mini celebration I want to share with you. My new track - I Want You With Me - just passed twelve thousand plays as of today!

Furthermore, its currently being featured on the front page of Soundcloud's "Alternative Rock" explore charts! Seriously ... this is insane!

Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me (Soundcloud)
-Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me - 7th position on Soundcloud Alternative Rock charts

In fact, what's even better is this: Because it's on the charts right now, its getting a huge increase in daily plays; Over a thousand extra a day than it was getting before! If I leave the computer and come back even a few minutes later, the play count jumps up a lot. [...]

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, 12:19am

Transparent Anti-Bear Ball for Camping Hi-jinks

Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

Sad Bear
Image By: Keven Law | Source
I've hated bears for a long time, ever since I saw a nature special where adult bears were walking around murdering cubs by a river and carrying their carcasses around like rag dolls. Seriously. Fuck bears. Like, genocide them.

Anyway, you know those giant transparent balls they put people in, so you can roll around and bounce down cliffs and stuff? What if we made one of those bear-proof? Then you can just roll on up to a bear family and screw with them. Like "Oooogadeeee booo, bears!! Haha look I'm gonna touch yer cubs [motions toward bear cubs]" [...]

Saturday, June 14th, 2014, 10:00am

New Song is OUT!!!

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Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me [Cover]
-Cover for Mike Peralta's song "I Want You With Me"

Photography by: Heinz von Bockelmann under CC by 2.0 license, adapted by Mike Peralta

New Song is OUT!!!

You dudes!!!!!
My new single, "I Want You With Me", is officially out!!

Listen to it right now! (CLICK) [...]

Saturday, June 7th, 2014, 6:00am

I Want You With Me - Next Week!!!

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Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me [Cover]
-Cover for Mike Peralta's song "I Want You With Me"

Photography by: Heinz von Bockelmann under CC by 2.0 license, adapted by Mike Peralta


My new single is coming out in only a week! If you've pre-ordered on my BandCamp page, you should be receiving a copy of the song in your email box soon. Someone please remind me quickly if this doesn't happen today!

As for the rest of you... check this website next week - June 14th, 2014 - for a brand new song for allllll! It'll be free for everyone to enjoy, but if you have self control issues, feel free to jump on the pre-order right this second and you'll get the single almost a week before everybody else! [...]

Thursday, May 29th, 2014, 6:00am

New Music! I Want You With Me

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Big News!

Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me [Cover]
-Cover for Mike Peralta's song "I Want You With Me"

Photography by: Heinz von Bockelmann under CC by 2.0 license, adapted by Mike Peralta
Helloooooo peeps! Guess what? I'm releasing another single!

Woo woot woot woot

In about 2 weeks (June 14th, 2014 to be more precise) I'll be releasing my song "I Want You With Me" for your listening pleasure. It's got a bit more of a harder feeling to it, like my last track, but a bit more dreamier. I couldn't resist throwing on more of that sweet sweet robotic backup vocal stuff too.

The plan is this: In 2 weeks, the song will be published, and everyone can enjoy it for free. [...]

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014, 6:06pm

Selfies are an official disorder?

Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

Mike Peralta Selfie
-YO, are we gonna fuck or what?
Image By: Mike Peralta | Source
Ha... wuddup guys... I haven't written to this category in awhile so I wanted to share a little article I came across. Apparently doctors have turned selfies into an actual mental disorder called "selfitis", if you can believe that haha.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has made three classifications for selfitis:
  • Borderline Selfitis is when you take selfies of yourself at least 3 times a day, but don't post to social media
  • Acute Selfitis is basically Borderline Selfitis but also posting the photos to social media
  • Chronic Selfitis: Is when you lose your shit and can't stop yourself from taking photos all day long while posting to social media (more than 6 times a day)

Monday, April 28th, 2014, 5:17am

Spoiler Alert Etiquette For Facebook and Social Networks

Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

Angry Purple Smiley
This silly post brought to you, by me being up at 5am again

Most of us have a few TV shows we love to watch every week. If you're on facebook or another social networking site, spoilers can sometimes be a big problem. People can be robbed of some of the enjoyment in their favorite story lines and resentment can breed fast.

I'm going to propose a quick set of guidelines in the hopes of saving a few friendships. Feel free to share this page with someone who may need to brush up on their spoiler etiquette!

ALWAYS Be Vague!

The first and most best thing you can possibly do for the sake of your friends, while still being able to express yourself, is to be vague. If a main character gets shot in the head, don't make a post that says "Oh no! Bobby got shot in the head!" ... that's just cruel. Instead, take each important part of that sentence, and blur it out with a mental smudger before writing it down. [...]

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014, 6:23am

Severe Security Warning for All OpenSSL Users (Heartbleed Bug)

Categories: Tech / Nerdery

Image By: Debivort | Source
Quick update for you tech nerds out there. I've just come across several sites mentioning some new huge bug called the "Heartbleed Bug" for semi-recent versions of OpenSSL. If you have you have a machine regularly using OpenSSL (ie: SSL or TSL for web servers, encrypted FTP, etc) then your machine is extremely vulnerable right now.

According to the main website I just found, ALL your encryption keys and encryption certificates are now VULNERABLE!!!!

If this sounds too insane to be true... I felt the same way. I had to sit here and think about it for awhile before I realized that almost the entire internet is vulnerable, including websites you use to make purchases and important transactions on. Shit is seriously hitting the fan. [...]

Saturday, April 5th, 2014, 1:11am

King Joffrey Statue in Auckland, New Zealand

Categories: Random Stuff

Aloha dudes,

So ... I'm super excited about Game of Thrones right now. We've got less than 24 hours before season 4 premieres, and I've been binging through seasons 1 through 3 to catch up. So excited.

Anyway, I thought if any of you were also fans of the show, you might get a kick out of what's going on in New Zealand. They apparently have a statue up - of King Joffrey. The statue is tied to a rope, which in turn is tied to some sort of pulley system, which is hooked up to twitter.

Basically, every time someone tweets the hash tag #BringDownTheKing, the rope gets a little tighter, until eventually the statue gets toppled. So funnnnnn. [...]

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