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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014, 4:33pm
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Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me [Cover]
-Cover for Mike Peralta's song "I Want You With Me"

Photography by: Heinz von Bockelmann under CC by 2.0 license, adapted by Mike Peralta
Yo dudes!

So my latest song "I Want You With Me" has been out about a month and a half and I have what will probably be the final update regarding what's been happening with it and soundcloud.

If you haven't seen my previous updates, I released it on (i believe) June 14th, 2014 to this website, soundcloud, and some others. For awhile we were getting quite a few plays and I was pretty happy. A lot of you listened and gave me feedback, a lot of you helped share the track with your friends, and we generally had a good time.

Then all hell broke loose.

For some reason, we got just enough shares and plays on my profile at SoundCloud to land us on their charts! I kept waking up each day, noticing that the song's daily playcount was way higher than usual... like... way... way ... way higher than usual... like a factor of 20. I couldn't figure out why for awhile until I had a hunch and went over to their Alt Rock charts explore page. BLAM... there it was: #6 on all of soundcloud!

So we rode this wave for awhile. Each day I woke up to thousands more plays and we stayed up for pretty much almost an entire month before slowly falling down. I began asking more people to try and repost the song to keep it up as long as possible. I put out a blog announcing we'd gone over 12,000 plays... then we quickly hit 15,000... then 18... then 20... 25... 30... and it just kept going!

Now, about a month and a half later, the song has well over 35,000 plays!!! To be exact, 37,323 plays as of the very moment I'm writing this blog! And even though we're a month and a half past the song's release date, we're actually still on the charts at #24, and getting a steady boost of extra plays each day. What a fun experience.

So thank you once again, everyone! Thank you for listening, sharing, and having fun with me. I'll see you again soon when I have more news or updates.

~Mike Peralta

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Current avatar photo by Heinz von Bockelmann (CC by 2.0, modified by Mike Peralta)

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tammy white
Thursday, July 31st, 2014, 4:54pm
So proud of you and your new song!! I will always be rooting for you my friend. Please bring us more beautiful songs like this! You have the richest deep sexy voice! We love it!!!
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