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Monday, October 25th, 2010, 11:29pm
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Driving to My Interview with OCRockRadio.com
Well hello there everybodaaaaaay!

I just wanted to write a quick little thank you note for those of you who listened to my interview today at OCRockRadio.com with DJ Dre Parish. Before the interview started, the program director walked in and said the station just got a ton of listeners... and I'm assuming some of those listeners were you guys - my friends on this blog, twitter, facebook, etc.

I'm attaching a few photos from my day at the station for your viewing pleasure. I had a great time talking with DJ Dre Parish before, during, and after the actual interview. Him and DJ Ron are cool guys, and I can't wait to come visit them again the next time I release another single.

DJ Dre of OCRockRadio.com
I've also gone ahead and attached a recording of the interview to this blog entry. I haven't written an mp3 player into this blog yet, but if you click on the file, it should open up in your favorite audio player. Otherwise, right-click the enclosure link and select "Save As..." or "Save File..." or whatever your browser uses, and then play it once its saved on your computer.

So anyway, thanks for your support everyone! Go visit OCRockRadio.com!!

~Mike Peralta

Mike Peralta and DJ Dre of OCRockRadio.com

Mike Peralta's Guitar at OCRockRadio.com

Mike Peralta and DJ Dre of OCRockRadio.com after the Interview

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