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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010, 12:57pm
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Contest - Win FREE STUFF!!!

Mike Peralta - New Girlfriend (Drawing, Cover)
My friends!

How you been!? I've been getting a lot of people asking when I'm finally going to start doing contests again. And then this week, when I did a surprise mp3 giveaway on some of my social networking profiles, I had A LOT of fans mistakenly think they were getting a free physical CD and send me their full address in the hopes of an early Christmas present, teehee.

I guess you guys just want to get some more free stuff, so here's your chance! I'm itching for some new fan photos, or some fan art. I'd like for anyone interested to send me what they've got (my email is a couple paragraphs down), and then I'm going to pick some of the best submissions and give you prizes!

Lets say, the TOP FIVE people get prizes:
  • Top Entry gets 2 free T-Shirts, a signed physical CD of my acoustic album "Music of My Youth", and a signed copy of my single, "I Want to Be Sad"
  • Second Best Entry gets a free T-Shirt, signed copy of "Music of My Youth", and another signed copy of "I Want to Be Sad"
  • Third Best Entry gets a free T-Shirt, mp3s of both releases, and your choice of a signed physical copy of either "Music of My Youth" or "I Want to Be Sad"
  • Fourth Best Entry gets a free T-Shirt and mp3s of both releases
  • Fifth Best Entry gets mp3s of both releases

And how about everyone else who submits gets an mp3 of their choice.

I'm thinking you can enter as many times as you like, as long as each entry is significantly different. To enter all you have to do is send an email with your photo or drawing to Contest (at) Obviously make sure to replace the (at) with an actual @ sign to make that address into a real email. Also make sure to include your contact information along with the email, so I know who to mail prizes to when I pick them, and tell me what Mp3 you prefer to receive if you don't make the top 5.
  • If you're sending in a photo, send me a LARGE copy! That means use the highest quality setting on your camera, and don't resize it before you mail it to me!
  • If you're sending in a drawing, try to use a scanner set at 300dpi if you can. Otherwise try to take a SUPER CLEAR picture of it with a decent camera, to improve your chances of winning.
  • If you're doing something in photoshop/illustrator, start off with an 8x10 canvas at 300dpi, and then either email me the original PSD/EPS, or a full quality JPG/PNG.

The contest is valid from now until I decide who my top 5 people are. I'm thinking I might try to cut it off at about the end of January, to coincide with the release of my next single - "Dark Over Here". But yeah, if you submit something, and then you're not sure it'll win, just keep submitting more stuff! Also, if you're an international winner, I may or may not ask you to front the extra shipping, based on how much leftover beer money I happen to have next month.

SO, what is a "Fan Photo", you ask? Well a fan photo is basically a picture you take, of yourself, with my name, CD, or likeness worked into the photo somehow without the use of Photoshop. You can see some previous photos fans have sent in here: I love my fans and everyone who sends something in (well, something not x-rated please thanks haha) will get featured on my website and some of my social networking profiles.

And what is "Fan Art"? Basically the same thing, only its a drawing. You can draw in pencil/pen, leggos, cereal bits, photoshop, or whatever you want. As long as its awesome, I'll take it.

So there you have it. Submit your stuff nowwwww. I'll be waiting!

Also! New Single Coming in 2011

Mike Peralta - Dark Over Here (Album Cover)

One more quick announcement, which I'll touch base on again in my next blog. I'm releasing another single! Its called "Dark Over Here", and is a really groovy moody broody dreamy thing. I'm still finalizing the last details to get it digitally distributed worldwide, but expect it to show up about Mid-January here, and then shortly to all the other distributors. I'll be posting an event for it and be sending out more blogs on it soon.!

Don't forget to get your FREE Mp3s right here:
Mike Peralta is an independent musician and you should follow him on Twitter (@MikePeralta) and Instagram (@MikePeraltaMusic), then subscribe to his blog just a bit below this text!
Current avatar photo by Heinz von Bockelmann (CC by 2.0, modified by Mike Peralta)

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