Happy New Year, All !! (And Crazy Search Terms, and My New Single)

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Sunday, January 2nd, 2011, 9:00am
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Happy New Year, All !!!

Did you all have a fun new years eve? Did you get lots of toys at Christmas? Did you spend your holidays with loved ones, friends, some fellow drunks, or at least a good video game?

In this blog I've got a silly list of the strangest search terms people have used to find my website in 2010, and a quick update regarding my new single, which is to be released worldwide January 3rd, 2011.

I want you all to know I hope you had a blast celebrating the end of 2010, and I wish you the best in 2011. Remember (!), its not about keeping all your new years resolutions - its about making so many resolutions that just by sheer volume, you'll end up keeping some of them. I'm shooting for 20 resolutions personally, and if I keep 5, mission accomplished. Don't be a 2-resolution loser! lol

Strange Incoming Search Terms

So a little while ago, I checked some of my webstats for MikePeralta.com, to get a feel for what promotional things I was doing right, which ones wrong, and well, you get the idea. For those of you who don't know what webstats are, they're just statistics for your website, showing a variety of metrics - like how many visitors you had, how many pages they viewed, what they viewed, how long they stayed, how they got to your site, etc. Google analytics has a great free tool for this, and there are a bunch of other ones out there in cyber space.

So anyway, I'm in there rummaging around a bit, looking at various things - like the people who stay the longest on my site were people who had searched for the phrase "Mike Peralta" (what a surprise, I know!!!). Then I noticed some other search terms, terms that people were sometimes searching for and then accidentally ending up on my site somehow. Search terms that made no sense to me. Then I started to laugh. And then I realized that as my new years gift to you, I should share the funniest search terms I found in my web logs.

So here you have it. The strangest searches typed into a search engine, and accidentally ended up on my website from, in the year 2010. Keep in mind that every search here is 100% real. Real people typed these things into search engines, real search engines then decided my website was the best choice for these keywords, and then these people all clicked to my website, and most likely became completely disappointed once they realized they had arrived on a musician's page:
  • "mike peralta dropkick"
  • "I,m looking for mike peralta dating profile"
  • "Ghost Hunters sucks lately"
  • "picard make me a sandwich"
  • "captain picard's favorite sandwich"
  • "well choke my chicken"
  • "how to make a turbo charged wheelchair"
  • "if god dwells inside us like some people say hes getting enchiladas what does it mean"
  • "latest updates about diarrhea"
  • tons of mispellings of my name
  • "mike peralta (my REAL phone number here!!)"
  • "ninja star block test"

And there you have it. The strangest search phrases people used to get to my website in 2010

Mike Peralta - Dark Over Here (Album Cover)

My Single Release! - "Dark Over Here"

In related news - my single comes out tomorrow, January 3rd, 2011 on iTunes, Napster, Limewire Store, Rhapsody, Amazon Mp3, and most major digital retailers, not to mention my own online store on this very website (click!). Please show your support by purchasing your own copy, and check my social networking profiles for surprise giveaways too!

Have a great 2011 everyone, and say hello to me in a blog comment here, or in my forums!

Don't forget to get your FREE Mp3s right here: MikePeralta.com/Subscribe
Mike Peralta is an independent musician and you should follow him on Twitter (@MikePeralta) and Instagram (@MikePeraltaMusic), then subscribe to his blog just a bit below this text!
Current avatar photo by Heinz von Bockelmann (CC by 2.0, modified by Mike Peralta)

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