Severe Security Warning for All OpenSSL Users (Heartbleed Bug)

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014, 6:23am
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Quick update for you tech nerds out there. I've just come across several sites mentioning some new huge bug called the "Heartbleed Bug" for semi-recent versions of OpenSSL. If you have you have a machine regularly using OpenSSL (ie: SSL or TSL for web servers, encrypted FTP, etc) then your machine is extremely vulnerable right now.

According to the main website I just found, ALL your encryption keys and encryption certificates are now VULNERABLE!!!!

If this sounds too insane to be true... I felt the same way. I had to sit here and think about it for awhile before I realized that almost the entire internet is vulnerable, including websites you use to make purchases and important transactions on. Shit is seriously hitting the fan.

Fortunately the rest of the internet is also freaked out about this, and patches have started coming out already. If you run any kind of service or machine that utilizes OpenSSL in any way, now is the time to check for updates relating to this problem. You may also want to change your encryption certificates and all public/private encryption keys, just for starters.

You can read more about this bug here:, and pretty much every linux forum in the world right now lol.

Hope this helps some of you!

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