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Wednesday, November 6th, 2013, 6:17am
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YO peeps,

It's 6:15am and I should definitely be going to sleep instead of writing this. Yay me! I'm just in a ranty mood right now. Actually I'm in a ranty mood lately. I was hanging out with my mom after the gym last night, and at one point I realized I had been talking nonstop to her for like... an hour. I literally was talking and talking and talking about every fine minute detail of the most inconsequential things. Shit like... the statistical probability that someone would have a certain personality profile because they watched some stupid movie.

I think its because I've been working reallyyyy hard on some programs the last few months and I just crossed a major barrier where I can sort of relax, and not program, and so now I'm basically going insane...

Hey Fans ... I don't hate you

So yeah, I want to rant about something that happened a little while ago. Its not super bad but its kind of driving a nail through my brain right now. I received a friend request on facebook from a girl who seemed pretty nice. Wondering if she was a bot, or if maybe she had made a mistake by trying to befriend some random aging computer nerd on facebook, I asked if we knew each other from anywhere.

She then proceeded to tell me that she is a huge huge fan, loves my music, has followed me on twitter for FOUR YEARS but was too shy to contact me, and that she was hoping I'd accept her friend request.

Yes ... 4 years.

Okay listen, if this sounds like any of you. Dudes... what the fucking fuck. Just say hello! It's not like I'm going to get all pissed off that you said hello to me or anything. For the love of Pete, half the time I wonder if anyone is even paying attention over here lol. I mean of course, don't think we're going to become best friends or that I'll have a ton of time.. but you know what I'm saying. If you're a fan of an indie, and you want to say hi.. just... say hi. The frak!

Anyway I guess its not that big of a deal but still... guys, its my honor to be contacted by you. Really.

Suckin at Piano

So uh... I think I've been trying to learn piano now for a few months at this point, but I'm still kind of sucking it. I blame myself for not practicing. I've pretty much just been going into class, using class as my practice, and then forgetting about it the entire rest of the week. Don't tell anyone but that's what I do for guitar and singing too hahaha (<- loser).

Oh yeah, I should mention that to help give myself a push, I decided to take a class at my local JC. It's pretty nice, and I'm ace'ing it, but it is just a simple beginner class, so to ace it I pretty much just have to play "A tisket a tasket" for the teacher without falling out of the piano chair. Come to think of it I did almost fall out of the chair once. Oh shheeeee...

It kind of weirds me out about music sometimes. I mean... I consider math hard. I hate math. I've failed Calc2 twice, and then when I tried to come back and redo Calc1 for brain exercise, I failed that shit as well lol.

But music? Beginning piano? I just see music as something that brightens your life... makes it fun... easier.. life worth living, etc. Meanwhile on the first day of class, some dude to my right busted out in cold sweat when our teacher had us play "DO RE ME" on just the white keys. He actually stopped class to ask if the teacher was sure this wasn't the advanced class. A few other people were losing their shit, too, and meanwhile I was just smiling and bouncing back and forth like Ray Charles (dooo reeee miiiii yeaaahhh baby!). I wanted to yell out "Hey cool your jets you freaking d00d, this is going to be a fun semester!" ... They eventually dropped the class lol.

So yeah. If you've read this far, I guess I have a bonus for you. On (I believe) my 2nd week of class, I went home and recorded myself screwing around on the piano that my buddy Brandon hooked me up with. I took a short recording of me trying to do the chorus of my song "My Mind" while singing. It's clear that I have miles and miles and miles to go before I'll even resemble a facsimile of someone who can play piano live, but its happening slowly. I've attached the Mp3 to this blog entry if you want to listen.

You Guys Don't Hate Me

So, I have a somewhat large mailing list. Granted, its pretty small in comparison to larger acts, and I only added actual fans who signed up here or got free MP3s or something... but for a guy like me... the list... is freaking huge. Like insanely huge.

Every time I write a blog, I hesitate to mark it for a mass email blast, and when I do I get really nervous. I mean its literally thousands of people reading some stupid blog about how I hate people who misunderstood some riddle, or how I f-ed up a chance to make a comedian feel good about himself, or some hastily published acoustic cover of some song.

I get nervous!

And the other thing about mailing lists is, the larger your list, the more regular unsubscribers you have. People don't think about this but its like... no matter what I send out, I can expect to lose [what might be considered by some to be] a ton of subscribers.

Even with twitter - if you looked into the deep/detailed stats that some third party tools provide, you would see that even when I was making the largest follower gains, I would also at the same time be literally hemorrhaging followers. I bet you right now I can still lose like 20 followers just for tweeting something stupid.... okay hold on watch....

Okay I made this tweet:

Eric Drinks His Own Pee
-I am a silly silly man
Image By: Mike

Right now I have 44,660 followers. I'll finish the rest of this short thing and tell you what it changed to.

Oh .. oh yeah.. why am I even writing this? Yeah so basically the other day I published a blog about my new Kenny Rogers cover (where I played a song from The Big Lebowski), and I cringed, and had to force myself to publish it, because I was dreading the hoardes of people who would no doubt unsubscribe.

Well how about only 3 people unsubscribed! In some sick, twisted way, that made me feel loved. You all didn't jump ship. And my stats showed that over 1,000+ people actually opened+read that email too. Another win for us!

Anyway ... lets see where that count is at now.... hey what the damn hell???? Nobody unfollowed. Maybe because its so early. Shit, I need to sleep. Hold on, lemme try something worse.


(waiting 5 minutes)

Well shit! Nobody unfollowed. I mean... I'm happy about that, but now I just look stupid. I wanted to write a funny quip like
haha look, 35 people unfollowed! That means somewhere in the world, 35 people just looked at my tweet and said "You know what, mister Mike Peralta, I am tired of your bullshit; Fuck you, I'm outta here!"

But I guess I'm just standing here with my dick in the wind.

Oh oh oh !!! Update!! A very attractive asian girl replied with "Wuuuuuuut???"

Update #2 ... someone did unfollow. Well F you too, buddy...

~Mike Peralta

Update #3 ... someone else followed to replace the first person who unfollowed. Maybe several unfollowed and I didn't know it because the number stays the same lol.

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Next in 'Mouth Diarrhea' : I'm runnin dem chicks off >>>

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Wednesday, November 6th, 2013, 5:05pm
You know, that MP3 clip actually sounds cool. The background noise and everything, it sounds all old-fashioned and shit. Just keep going at it, you're already good, I can't last 5 seconds, let along 50 xD
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