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Saturday, January 10th, 2015, 3:09pm
Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

Horrified Face
Last night I had a strange nightmare. I was working on a vast office building with cubicles as far as the eye could see. There was a woman I apparently knew at this job - someone I don't know in real life, but within the context of the dream knew very well. I guess the setting was that I had been secretly in love with this woman for a long time, but never had the nerve to talk to her, for years.

I saw her walking towards me, and my heart began to flutter, as it did every day for her in this dream setting. However, on this particular day in my dream world, she didn't walk past me, but instead walked right up to my face. Out of nowhere, she hugged me, and kissed me, and told me she loved me.

"What are you doing!??!" I asked, taken slightly aback.

"I'm kissing my husband. Do you have a problem with that?" she replied flirtatiously.

Then it suddenly hit me. In my dream, I remembered having gotten black out drunk the night before. I quickly speculated that during the blackout, I must have somehow found the courage to talk to her, then somehow won her heart and married her.

In my head, I thought about the possible ways I could respond to this, and their consequences. What if I apologized and explained the situation? I would most likely break her heart and lose her in the process. That was a lose-lose situation.

So about a split second later, instead of panicking, I just decided to go with it. "I love you too, baby!" I replied. I hugged her and kissed her back, and made plans to see her later that day. My heart was filled with joy. I felt like I had won the lottery.

Now .... you might be wondering how accidentally falling into mutual love with your crush could possibly be a nightmare. I'm wondering how it all went so wrong, too. But a few seconds later, after she left and went back to her work, another woman came in and did the same thing. My joy quickly turned to terror as I tried in futility to recall how I ended up falling in love with and marrying two women. How did I get into this mess?

And then a few moments later - another woman did the same thing. And then another. And then another. And then another. And then a dude.

My nightmare ended with me running into the restroom, yelling into a mirror with a look of acid-trip horror on my face - "How fucking drunk was I last night!?!?!??!"

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