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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008, 12:15am
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Well its about 48 hours after the first day of shooting for my music video. In case you didn't know, its for my original song, "Wasting All My Time". We're doing an all-new remixed version with drums/bass/strings/guitar, but you can find the original acoustic version on my main website ( as a free download. If you haven't heard it yet, go check it out. Its a song about lost love, or maybe love that was never meant to be in the first place, and the sadness/struggle one goes through in realizing this and moving on.

Bradley Gaurano has taken on the task of directing this music video, of elaborating on this song by adding his own creative vision to it through video, and turning it into a new piece of art.

This last Saturday (September 20th, 2008) was our first day of shooting. The day started off at about 5:30 AM as I woke up from about 2 hours of sleep. I'm used to going to bed very late, and as usual didn't plan very well ahead in regards to adjusting my sleep schedule for the coming work day. I should have gone to sleep at 10pm but didn't hit the hay until about 1 or 2 am, and even then I barely slept at all.

After packing up a few things I went over to meet with the cast and crew. Everyone had a wonderful personality and was very easy to get along with. They were all so full of energy and excitement. They gave me the feeling that we were about to create something beautiful and artful that day, and I could tell that each of them would be bringing their own personal passion and ideas into the shoot. The cameramen were talking about all the various lighting strategies over the camera and floor monitors, the makeup artist was applying her craft to each of the opening cast members, the assistants and floor managers were hurriedly getting everyone and everything into position, and Becka (the video's leading lady) was excitedly talking with everyone about the upcoming day of work and fun. Brad, the director, already had everything well in motion and was spouting hurried instructions back and forth as he pulled everything together for our opening take.

Our first scene was a short hike up a nearby mountain where I would be standing and sitting while singing and playing guitar on top of a huge boulder overlooking the city. Man.... that hike took alot longer than we thought it would. I was dying just from carrying my guitar and coat, but some of the crew were carrying huge HD cameras, full-on steadicam setups, reflectors, water bottles, and tons of stuff.... and meanwhile I was the one busting out into a sweat! The climb was tough and full of complaints, but it was fun, helped to wake us all up, and broke the ice for us as the entire cast/crew began to connect and get into "the zone". When we finally got to where we were supposed to be, I had to climb up several huge rocks with giant gaps in between them (can anyone say scary) to get to the perfect boulder. Ok, actually pretty much half the crew was able to get up the same rocks too, and quicker... but it was still scary! After I guess an hour or so of singing and playing, we headed back down.

I think this blog might get super boring if I were to go through all the tiny details and scenes, and I'm not sure how much of the plot and details I'm supposed to be giving away just yet so I'll just leave this blog as a teaser and just say that we shot for about 19 hours in many different situations. Some with me, some without, some with me playing and singing, some with me attempting to be an actor. Man, I sure hope my "sad" scenes come off as sad and/or sexy, and not totally psycho! Perhaps acting classes are in order for me.

The never-ending day finally... uhm... ended, with a pseudo party scene in Corona, where some of the crew was able to join us in an on-camera role. We brought in pizza+soda in for everyone to eat and get some energy going, and bought some beer to use as props for the scene. When we finally realized that the beer cans probably shouldn't be showing a logo on-camera, many people poured their beer into clear cups, and then shortly realized that the beer could easily be consumed... and eventually... the "scene" kind of turned into a party of its own, as the cast began to become slightly intoxicated from our "props" and running amok throughout the set. Boys and Girls began flirting. Friends began talking in extremely loud "party voices". People were playing pool in adjacent rooms without instruction from our director. Others were disappearing or standing in the wrong places, or failing to hear/comprehend instructions from the director. Even I kept ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time and having to run at full speed to be where I was supposed to be when Brad the director called. In spite of the chaos, Brad did a magnificent job of maintaining control and keeping everyone on track without causing himself an Aneurysm.

At the end of the day everyone was tired yet very accomplished. Each person did an excellent job and brought their own input, creativity, and manpower to the table. I'm sure Becka will shine in her role opposite me, and I hope my part in the video will help with the overall flow and mood of the story.

Having gone well over our allotted time for the day and not coming near completion of all our scenes, there will be a second day of shooting! I'm going to try and keep you guys posted on whats happening, and when the video will be released too.

We will also be planning a "wrap party" once the video is done, where you will be invited to come hang out with the cast/crew, see the DVD for the very first time, and even have a copy of the video put onto all your little ipods and cellphones. Hurray!

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