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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009, 5:15am
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I've received a few emails from friends and fans that I should write in my blog more. I hate to break this to all of you, but I am an absolutely horrible writer. I have no idea how to tell a good story. And whats worse, my writing style actually matches my speaking style, which means its impossibly hard to follow. Green.

But enough of that. Here's a science fact I've been thinking about today. It basically goes like this. Science has proven, through various tests in acceleration chambers, satellites, and other crap I can't recall at the moment, that the faster an object moves, the slower time passes for it. Meaning, if you were able to move at a very fast velocity, the people around you who are stationary will age much faster than you do. This effect is most noticeable for objects traveling very close to the speed of light.

Ever heard about that science scenario, where if you traveled to the moon and back at close to the speed of light, by the time your trip was over, your newborn baby would be an old man, and you'd still be the same age?

I was never told the exact reason why this happens, but I have a theory. Personally I believe that if you were able to zoom in with some kind of super-microscope and view the very smallest parts of matter, you would see that they are all basically zooming around at the speed of light. Like for instance, electrons are actually said to be "everywhere at once" in their orbit, and only when actually observed do they materialize somewhere, and only some of the time (read up on: electrons as probability waves). If you ask me, that seems like what is happening is those electrons are just zooming the hell around all every which way at incredible speeds. And I bet everything else is moving, spinning, or whatever.

How does that really relate to the effect velocity has on the passage of time? Well, I see time as change. Things just change. Time is just things changing. How fast would you 'change', meaning how fast would all your molecules and atoms and shit be able to spin and run around? Well, the maximum speed possible of course, which would be the speed of light.

This is why I think velocity effects the passage of time. If time is just change, and that change is all your matter just running and spinning around on itself at the speed of light, and nothing can ever exceed the speed of light, then guess what.... wait for it... the faster you're traveling in a certain direction, the less speed your matter has to spin around and stuff. Which means the slower time passes for you. Imagine you're absolutely still: time will pass for you at full speed. Now imagine you're somehow able to travel at exactly the speed of light: No speed would be leftover for your molecules and atoms and shit to spin around and stuff, therefore you would be frozen in time. Get it?

The best part is that no matter how fast or slow time is passing for you, you would never tell the difference. Why? Because if your whole body is slowed down, that would include your brain and the processes it relies on to provide you with a perception of time in the first place.

Now here is the best part. The part that I've been waiting to tell you. We are already slowed in time. Right now. At this very moment. You are slowed down in time. You're actually going in slow motion, right now. We just don't notice it, because everyone is doing it at the same time, uniformly. How do I know this? Well, velocity slows time right? You think you're stationary sitting in front of your computer right now? You're not.

The earth, right now, is spinning at about 1,000 miles per hour. The Earth is flying around the Sun at about 50,000 miles per hour. The Sun itself it rotating about the center of the Milky way at a similar speed. The milky way itself is flying through space at around 500,000 miles per hour. And thats only the stuff we've detected so far. Who even knows if the center of the universe is also moving.

So think about it. You're traveling right now at an incredible speed through space. We don't notice it because the perception of speed is relative. Everything around us is traveling at the same speed, so we just don't notice in our daily lives. We're slowed down by that speed, and time is passing slower for us than a stationary object in space. Such an object would observe us as appearing to be moving around in slow motion. We just don't notice it, again because perception of time is relative.

For the hecklers out there... I do realize that 500,000mph isn't very close to the speed of light. 1 Mile an Hour is about 0.44704 Meters Per Second. The speed of light is like 300,000,000 Meters Per Second. That means 500,000MPH is about the Speed of light times .0007451, or .07% the speed of light. To see a very noticeable effect you'd have to get into the 90% range or more. But still, its something. There is a difference. Perhaps if you were hanging out with a friend who was immune to velocity's effect on time, they might seem slightly hyper or weird haha. I dunno. And also, my speed estimates are pretty rough. I think 500,000 might be more like 650,000. If you want the exact numbers, wiki is your friend. You can also look up the exact formulas to calculate how speed will warp the passage of time by looking up a formula called the "Lorentz Transformation"

Well I think thats all the thought I have for now. I hope that was somewhat enjoyable and digestible.

What does this have to do with music? I have no idea. Its five fucking fifteen am. Goodnight.

~Mike Peralta

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