Ed Sheeran Has a Room Full of Teddy Bears

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Saturday, January 21st, 2017, 6:17pm
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Ed Sheeran
Image By: Eva Rinaldi
In a recent interview, Ed Sheeran - who's nickname in high school apparently was "Teddy" - admitted he has so many teddy bears that they fill up an entire room.

Ed's always been a kid at heart, and when his two albums "+" and "x" found success, he decided to celebrate by using some of his cash to buy lots of his favorite childhood toys. He even now has a tattoo of a teddy bear on his right bicep.

Ed was quoted as saying:
When my album went to number one I bought the Death Star Lego kit – it was time!" he told chat show host Graham Norton. "When my goddaughter wanted a Ninja Turtle I got her one and bought myself the Ninja Turtle Truck! I have a load of kid’s stuff; a room full of teddy bears and two giant pandas in my bedroom

The twenty-five year old singer apparently doesn't even let dating get in the way of his playtime:
I once went on a date, brought a Lego set with me and while we were chatting I made the set and then left,

Ed Sheeran will probably make a great father and recently admitted to Apple Music DJ Zane Lowe that he was ready to settle down and start a family:
I wanted to be a dad last year. I'm ready. Let's go. I wanna load of tour bus babies

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