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Monday, October 15th, 2012, 5:45pm
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-Aerosmith in Concert (Arnhem, Netherlands)
Image By: Julio Aprea | Source

Steven Tyler recently made a comment during a recent conference call this Thursday with the press that Aerosmith might go independent for future releases. He is quoted as saying:
if the band stays together, yeah, we'll definitely go that route, something somewhere over there. We've been keeping record companies stocked with millions of shekels for years, been making a lot of people rich -- not that we haven't, but every now and then you get into arguments with labels (and) you think, 'Where is all this money going?' We've definitely thought of putting stuff out. I was very successful last year with a (single) called 'It Feels So Good.' It proves it can happen.

After that, in a separate statement, Joe Perry stated that Columbia had always been supportive in the band.

This is kind of confusing to me, because I was under the impression that after a certain amount of financial success, most or all big bands just automatically went independent. Is that just me? I thought that the biggest reason you go with a major label is big $$$ backing you up... but once you have enough cash to promote yourself, hire all your own 3rd parties, etc, then it would be worth it to split with them simply because they take such a huge cut of your money.

Does what I'm saying make sense? Aerosmith has been around SO long, I thought they would have been one of the first groups to go indie. Blah, what do I know?

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