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Sunday, December 27th, 2009, 3:20am
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Regarding blogs, I am teh sux.

Alright so uhm... how the f do I start this. I'm going to try and get to the point of this blog really quick, so I'll just say it. Its been over a year since I've written anything meaningful into a blog and I the entire time that has gone by, I've known and hated that fact. The thing is, and I suppose this is common among musicians, its hard for me to post up on the fly, just as I type, allowing it to be imperfect and less than perfect. I keep getting ideas for blogs, or little ideas that I want to tell everyone about, but then I keep waiting to post them because I want to write this big huge well-thought-out mini novel or something. Plus for some stupid reason, I'm terrified of repeating myself.... like, if I post once about recording my new CD, I instantly imagine that everyone will turn to hate and disgust of me for mentioning the same idea a few days or weeks later. The same goes for misspellings. And bad grammar. And stories that drone on without being super interesting.

After reading the infinity-th marketing/musician book that told me to knock it off and just post up some silly blogs, I think its time for me to bite the bullet and do it. So people, I'm sorry if I sound stupid from this point on. I'm sorry if I misspell shit, or write totally nonsensical uninteresting keyboard diarrhea. I'm just going to have to get over it. And so you are you.

glarrghhhh SNARPHLAPS and piss.

OK moving along. So what's new? Holy f, a lot since my last blog. I think I'll just try to summarize some stuff that I can remember right now, and elaborate as time goes on. If you guys want to know anything specific, please ask via a comment or a forum post in my main website MikePeralta.com … and yes, I'll be syndicating my blogs from now on, so only god knows where the hell you're actually reading this from. Registration to my website is free and quick, and I won't share your email address or anything with anyone else without your permission.

A brief list of what the F is new with me (ok actually I lied, this list is huge but I didn't realize it until I got to the end of it):

Music Video

I recently completed my first 'real' music video with an indie director. At the moment this blog was posted, you can watch it on my front page. If you can't find it, please punch yourself in the face and then go visit this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KDE-54HkRQ … The video was shot around September of 2009 by director Bradley Gaurano, who you can contact through the youtube account that the video is hosted by. Other people who starred or helped out were Asher Blumberg, Erika Drazen, Chelsea Edmunson, Kellie Parker, Mike McNamee, Jonathan Coco, Kristina Citi, and Nadia Khalil. The whole thing was an awesome experience and everyone involved did an excellent job and was wonderful to work with and be around. The song we did was “Wasting All My Time”, which will be one of the tracks on my next album, “A Story Forever”.

My Next Album – A Story Forever

Speaking of my next album... yeah... I'm finally making progress towards that. I definitely figured out the title. Its going to be called... drum roll... “A Story Forever”. Yes, I just told you that a few lines ago. No, its not any less cool now. This CD won't be all-acoustic as “Music of My Youth” was, and will include more 'full band' sound stuff, like distorted guitar, drums, and other things. Some of the songs will be acoustic but have light drums behind them, or at least a shaker and a bass guitar like some John Mayer song (I love John Mayer by the way, don't hate). Some of the tracks that I've fully completed are:
  • I Want to Be Sad – A song that, for me, helps to remind me that sadness is a chemical addiction I once had, and sometimes relapse into. I sing it to fondly remember my past and to remember that I'm a recovering sad-a-holic.
  • Fosner - A song about marrying jodi foster and golfing with kevin costner, yes I can be quite mad sometimes
  • A Story Forever – Title track, baby!
  • Dark Over Here – Kind of a dark groovy evil sounding track, that paints a bit of a story about how far a troubled mind might reach for self comfort. You'll understand when you hear it.
  • Wasting All My Time – Nice lovey-dovey acoustic/drummy song about wasting all your time with the wrong person, and not really realizing it until you've fallen for them. This is obviously the song playing during my music video.

Other songs that are ALMOST finished but not quite, due to needing a laydown or redo of vocals or some instrument, a rethink of arrangement, or a final mix are:
  • Dumb Bobby – A song I wrote when my old friend bobby kept asking me when I was going to write him a song. See what happens when you bug your musician friends!!?
  • My Mind – A Touching song about the inability to cope with pain or hardships. I'm going to add some full orchestral arrangements to this one in the back, to try and give it a nice epic feeling
  • Once Sultan – Funny little evil sounding song with resentful distorted guitar chops and a full drum kit, which really isn't about anything evil at all.
  • Dump – A song about... taking a dump. Well, more like the general hijinx that ensue when you have a bunch of friends who are entertainers. The major thing I need to redo are my vocals (flat, lame performance on my first try), and possibly a crowd noise shouting “HEY!!! HO!!!”, because when I originally tried to record a room full of people doing it, it was at a party and ended up having a lot of background noise and timing problems (my bad!).
  • Hells Had Hired – A loud powerful track about the typical scenario where someone leads you on and doesn't really let you in on the joke until the last second where they disappear completely.
  • I'm Such a Drag (Just Sometimes) – A track similar in idea to “I Want to Be Sad”, but more powerful, rock-ish, loud, distorted, live-sounding. Less electronica than “I Want to Be Sad”.
  • My Dork – High school love, she is my dork, and I'm her shoe, I know I'm just a weirdo but I don't care, because she is MY dork! This one has kazoos in it and I'm going to have to try really hard to do it justice. Its really a fun song sometimes.
  • I Want You With Me – Another hard-ish sounding nirvana-esque song for those times when someone doesn't actually believe you when you say you want to be together.
  • Sanguine Eyes – oh my fucking god I'm getting tired of writing these descriptions
  • To Beautiful Eyes - “Look I so dull, to beautiful eyes?”
  • Ugly – Sitting in my room again, try to find the problem's end.
  • Our Light

And of course a few other songs. I really want the album to have a ton of songs but I'm not sure how far I'll be able to go before I give in and just call it finished.

By the way, the CD is going to be mastered by the world-f-ing-famous mastering house “Fat N Sassy Mastering”, at Derickson studios. If you don't know what mastering is, its where they take your fully mixed tracks (like one stereo file that would play on your CD player), and do magic to it, through a ton of applied science like equalization, normalizing, limiting, compression, spectral analyzing and sculpting, phase correction, and a bunch of things that just make me cringe when I think about how hard it would be for me to learn it myself. In a nutshell, often times the biggest reason that your finished/mixed music still sounds amateur and not “pro”, even when you've put a lot of hard work into your music and used great equipment/musicians, is because it still needs to be mastered. You just have to see it to believe it really. Well, hear it. Fat N Sassy is not only going to master my next album, but also did my debut acoustic album “Music of My Youth”. He took a noise-ridden, sad, amateur sounding album and turned it into the beautiful gem it is today.

Live Shows

I've been blessed lately with the opportunity to play a TON of shows in the Long Beach and Tustin areas, particularly at two awesome malls – The Long Beach Towne Center, and The District in Tustin. I was lucky enough to get hooked up with a kick ass booker named Jay who has been gracious enough to keep rebooking me for the better part of the end of 2009 at these two malls. I even got a regular weekly lunchtime gig at the LBC towne center playing to the peeps eating their lunch outside. They call it “Acoustic Wednesdays”, or something I think. I just love it.

Also I get to play with my good friend Anna from “Without The Blonde” in January at a bar called “Malone's”, which should prove to be pretty fun. Anna is the main booking person for this gig, and she is always a great musician and does an excellent job of making everyone feel welcome, loose, and happy. I think the thing is called “Casa de Rock” nights, and has no cover. Check out my “Shows” page for all my upcoming gigs!

What I like to do lately, and this might be a major misstep on my part but I don't care, is I like to burn FULL copies of my acoustic album “Music of My Youth” onto little lightscribe CDs, and then give them away 100% for free at live shows. People usually think they're getting a half-cd or a demo, but when they get home they soon realize that its the full actual CD., WITH mp3s for their computers and ipods. And that gives me a giddy feeling inside. What I usually do is put a tip bucket out next to the CDs and just tell people the CDs are totally free. Then most people who take a CD end up putting something in the tip jar too... which is great because I end up having enough money at the end of the night to pay for the CDs I made, plus a little left over to buy more music equipment or cables or something. This year alone, because of all the shows I've been doing, I am 100% sure that I've given away over 500 of these things to new potential fans. That is something better than I had ever imagined I would achieve, and no matter how long I play music, I will always be thankful for these recent few months.

OH!! And tonight I played a show, too. Day after Christmas at the LBC Towne Center. There was a huge huge crowd in line to see the movies so I had a nice captive audience there and with other people hanging out waiting in the food court and bench area. I wonder if it was for that Alec Baldwin movie, but I sure hope not. Just kidding you're cool Alec and I'll probably end up watching it on DVD later.

I also am usually lucky enough to have a small group of people clapping or sitting and listening to my songs as I play my set there, but tonight I had an extra enthusiastic group of girls shouting at me during my set and waving their cell phones in the air when I played “Good Riddance” by Green Day, which almost caused me to bust out laughing and almost mess up the song haha. Then when I was done they asked to take a picture with me and it just about made my night. I only wished I had something else to give them besides my CD, like stickers or a t-shirt or something. I really need to get on that.

Hurray for cute girls at shows!


I recently was interviewed and did a live 3-song performance on OcRockRadio.com, which was awesome because the DJ was a cool friendly guy who did his job well and brings a lot of class and intrigue to his show, while at the same time allowing me to stretch my wings a little and ramble on like a dork. I don't think they have posted up my pictures or audio yet, but if you comment this post or ask in the forums I'll send you a copy of the interview.

Fan Pictures

I'm really into, and have been trying to build up, my fan pictures in the last half year or so. What is a fan picture? Its just a picture of a fan being silly/cute/hot/crazy, who has a reference to me somewhere in the picture. Like, they're holding my CD, or they have my name written on their arm, or they put duct tape on their hat and wrote my name on it with a sharpie. Or sometimes when a fan takes a picture with me after a show and just sends it in. I love fan pics to death, and if you send me one, I will fully full on send you a free copy of my CD via email/mp3s.


Well folks... I think I'm at the end of my leg here. I've been typing for almost an hour and I am just about sick of it. Ok I'm lying, I love hearing myself talk and watching myself type is almost as good. But my hands are really tired now and I think perhaps I should save more updates for future blogs.

Please subscribe to my blog at MikePeralta.com so you can stay up to date on what I'm doing!

~Mike Peralta

PS, I'm sorry if I suck at spelling, storytelling, or if I stopped in the middle of a paragraph to start talking about something else. You're just going to have to deal.


PS, Whoops, I already signed my name


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