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Monday, January 4th, 2010, 5:35pm
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Happy New Year everyone!

Did you all have fun? What the F did you end up doing?

My New Years

As for me, I HAD planned to go out to some big ticketed event or party with my buddy Brad, researched some fun places to go, set some money aside, got all excited about it, and then guess what? I got sick. Hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

I figured Brad would have immediately made other plans the second I told him I was sick and couldn't go out and do anything, but offered to let him come over, have a beer or two, watch a movie, and play video games if he wanted to. He totally did. What a great friend. Long story short we ended up screaming things like, "FUCK youuuuuuuuuuuuu", "you're a BITCHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", and "why don't you Suck ON THISSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssss" over and over again while we disintegrated each other with energy swords, ran each other over with worthogs, stuck each other with sticky grenades, and anything else we could find. I'm sure we must have used the phrase "you're a bitch!" at least a hundred times each throughout the night. The funny thing is I actually hate competitive "versus" mode games, and we were playing in cooperative campaign mode. But of course, I am a truly evil video game player (as you'll probably hear many times again) and so is Brad. I will literally wait until the very second you get your favorite weapon, congratulate you on it, and then one second later mow you down, off a cliff, with my ghost-bike on turbo speed, fall off the cliff with you, jump out of the ghost before I/we die, and start shooting at you as both our soon-to-be-dead bodies plummet through the air.... all the while laughing hysterically. Brad on the other hand will go into battle with you against some of the built-in computer enemies, gain your confidence as he disappears somewhere off to the side to help you flank the enemy, then right when you're retreating around a corner to recharge your shields he'll pop into your field of vision, yell "peek-a-boo FUCK YOU!!!!!" and put a sticky-grenade on your knee. Then he'll run away laughing and shouting things like, "take it bitch up yours!" and "fucking die whore die" into your ear at about 200 words a second. He doesn't even seem to care that he has just ruined all the effort we just put into getting to a certain point in the level, because we both end up blowing each other up and dying. Oh, and he likes to blow up whatever vehicle you're currently in. Even if you/we really need that vehicle for the level we're on. While laughing. Hysterically.

So yeah, no big new years eve party or vocal recording of any kind for me in the last few days. But had a ton of fun. I kind of almost preferred it to one of the parties we had in mind. Well, unless we would have found some awesome DJ to see like Paul van Dyk or something.


Brad just asked me to render him a no-vocals version of my track "Fosner", which again is a song about marrying Jodi Foster and golfing with Kevin Costner. Its one of the dumbest yet coolest rock songs I've ever written, and wreaks of the kind of insanity you get when you drink, way too much, then get high on the simple fact that you don't care if you sound stupid, so you start ranting insanities and rock out to the sound of your own cock flopping around. Well maybe not the cock part. Depending on who you are. I think the film Brad is going to be using it for is "Greenlit". Its going to be really funny and I was on set with the actors for a couple days and they're all really funny and talented. You guys should check it out when its released.


My new years resolutions are.... well uhm... I dunno, I really just have a few ideas. I'll just list them here I guess
  • Finish my album! I really really really really need to finish my album soon. I'm so close, too... I just need to clean up and perfect a lot of things, and decide what's staying in and what's getting thrown out. Plus I probably need several months to get it pressed, get it on iTunes and stuff, get it reviewed, and all that other crud before I actually make it available to the general public. ACK!
  • Stay away from the cheese. I picked up most of my 'gut' from eating way too much junkfood, and half of it was cheese-based. I've been getting back into shape again lately, but the other day I ate about 3 grilled cheese sandwiches in a row, and when I was done, I wanted three more. I know I'm a somewhat big guy but still, that's out of control.
  • Start putting up a new cover-video once a month, at least. I'm not sure if I can really do this one, but I keep coming close, but then get distracted by other stuff. I have about 5 cover songs in my head right now that I'd love to record, but I don't feel like I'm good enough at them yet to justify a recording. Oh yeah, that's my next resolution:
  • Practice more! Sometimes I get into the bad habit of practicing only-at-gigs... which is totally dumb, I know. I did do a little finger-picking while I was waiting for Halo to get going, though.
  • Another video with Brad. Brad of course shot my last music video and plans on doing a couple more for both our resumes. I think the next one he wants to do is "I Want to Be Sad" off my next/upcoming album. The track's already been mixed down and mastered, so its ready to go.
  • Get more mall gigs. I can't stress this enough. Bar gigs are cool. But mall gigs are so so so so cool because they come with a built-in crowd, there's usually more budget for the performer, and its just fun as hell to play outdoors and see people stopping by to check out what I'm doing. I love meeting new people and potential fans, and having someone come up to me after a gig and telling me that I've made their day, pretty much makes my day.
  • Associate myself with one or more worthwhile charities. I'd really love to play charity events for some charity that I believe in. Normal gigs are feel-good enough as it is. Maybe I could like, get naturally high off doing a charity gig. Or something
  • Get to the gym more. This kind of goes along with the stay-off-the-cheese one. I've been going more often than say, 2008, but I also have a ways to go before I have a beach body again. I'm almost there. Blargh.
  • DJ'ing!! You might not know this about me but I used to DJ under various names. I'd mostly spin popular music at so-cal parties for free, under the condition that I was allowed to play anything I wanted... which of course ended up being progressive trance, with some of my own homemade progressive trance tracks thrown in. I used to love watching drunks dance around to stuff I had written. I just bought a new midi controller that operates just like a dual set of turntables - it has alllll the controls, but plugs into my laptop so I can have an easier time managing and transporting my song library. Vinyls are a pain in the ass, especially when they start to wear. Also, when I render my own tracks, its nice to be able to throw it into a set that night. So yeah, I'd like to get back into underground DJ'ing more often. That was fun.

Perhaps that's all the resolutions I should list at the moment. I have a ton more, as always, and as always, I won't keep all of them... but I guess the point is that SOME of them are kept, others are at least progressed on, and the rest will be re-thought or re-promised later.

OK so I need more activity to this site. Please help me out by participating and adding your voice to the discussion. Post a comment to my blog or say hi in my forums.

What are your new years resolutions?

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