Billy Joe Checking Into Rehab After iHeartRadio Music Festival Rant

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Monday, September 24th, 2012, 12:00am
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Green Day
-Green Day performing in Venezuela
Image By: Ed Vill | Source

Billy Joe, man... you're awesome. Having said that, you're dumb too. Haha.

So yeah anyway, did you guys hear the latest thing going on with Green Day? You know how at award shows, when someone is talking on the mic or performing, they have a timer they can see that lets them know how long they have to "wrap it up"? I think I actually had one of those in front of me when I played back in the day at the Whiskey A Go Go. Anyway, Green Day was playing a song at something called the "iHeartRadio Music Festival" or whatnot, and in the middle of his song he decided he wanted to try a new song. However, once he looked up at that 'wrap it up' clock, he saw he only had a minute left on stage.

So then instead of just wrapping it up with something short or an interaction, he went on a huge rant about how he's been around since the 80's and how dare they tell him he has 1 minute left, and he isn't Justin Bieber, and he isn't so and so, and oh they better just get Usher out here. Then after working himself up into an F-bomb frenzy, he smashed his guitar on stage and walked off.

Now like a day later, he is checking into rehab.

Here's my take on it. YES, it sucks that people have to 'wrap it up'. Its total bullshit when you're up there. But at the same time, that's just the way it is. Shows don't have unlimited time to work with, and if they didn't push to keep things quick, shows would drag on worse than you could possibly imagine. Then there's the issue of Green Day not being more of a priority to the show, such that they didn't get more time. I dunno man... I totally love Green Day... yet at the same time, they have been sooooo damn lucky throughout the years. They could have been long gone by now, like so many other bands. So while, as a fan of Green Day, I want them to get more of the spotlight, I still understand that you get what you get. If you were more popular, you'd get more time. Does it suck that they're not as popular as some of the crappier "mainstream" acts? Yeah. But dude come on, they still have a ton going for them.

Then there's the possibility that he wasn't actually mad. Most people don't get this, but entertainers are very deliberate is almost everything they do. Sure, they fuck up a lot. Sure, Billy Joe could totally have actually gone off the deep end. It easily could have been real. But then there's the other part of me that understands that this man has a lifetime of experience generating buzz/press for his band, being coached by rooms full of managers, consultants, experts, people with focus group reports, etc. And since most of his fans kind of agree with his sentiment, it doesn't seem too far fetched that maybeeeeeeee this was put on. Maybe not by the show. Maybe not even in a premeditated way (although I wouldn't be surprised). But what if in the back of his head he thought "You know what would be awesome? The next time I'm on one of those shows and they slap that annoying 'wrap it up' timer on me, I'm going to go off on the producers and then smash my guitar. That would be cool"... and hell yes, if he did think that he would. Maybe the moment hit him just right and he decided to do it... or maybe it was totally premeditated.... or maybe he actually was pissed off.

I just think its also funny how common it is now for a celebrity to go into rehab right after some kind of breakdown, because the masses have for some reason associated rehab with redemption. If Billy is an alcoholic (and I have no idea if he is or isn't, I'm kind of a shitty fan), then I hope he makes some good, lasting progress towards recovery. Yet at the same time its also like... I don't know, lets say I decided it would be some good press to punch out a clown mannequin and break my hand on purpose in front of a press release or something, then go screaming and crying to the hospital. You bet your ass the next day there would be an announcement that I was going to rehab. It's just that no one would hear the last part of that sentence that I spoke under my breath: "Yeah I'm going to rehab.... (for minecraft)"

I wouldn't put it past me.

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