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Tuesday, January 1st, 2013, 10:15pm
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Exciting news, peeps!

If you are a webmaster, blogger, or even have a ton of friends, you can now earn money by helping to promote my music. This website can now change all outbound URLs on my Discography and Discography-Mp3-Permalink pages, to your affiliate links, so you can earn money when you help promote my music. This all happens automatically after you login and setup a few details.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, or have never done this before, it's actually not that hard. You can go to certain 'big online stores' and sign up as an affiliate, which is almost always free. From then on, they give you special links that you can use to promote any product you want, for instance, my music. Whenever someone clicks your links and then makes purchases, you end up getting a commission.

That's right - cold hard cash, just for helping to promote. And the more traffic you can bring, the more money you can earn.

Now imagine my normal "Listen" page (click here for that), the one everyone usually visits first when they want to hear my music. It's all big and fancy, with tons of purchase options and streaming players and stuff right? Now imagine that the whole page changes automatically to all your links... your links that earn you cash when someone uses them to buy my music.

The process from here is simple:
  • Register as a user on this site, for free. If you look up at the top-right area of this page, you should see a registration link.
  • Once you're registered and logged in, click to your profile home. Right now that would be the link at the top right of this page that says "Your: Profile". Note that this won't show up until you're already logged in.
  • Once at your profile home page, you'll see a link that says "My Affiliate Links", right next to "Preview My Profile" and "Change My Password" links. Click to that page, which is the main overview of your current configuration.
  • Click the "Configure Programs" buttons, and enter your affiliate ID for each program that you're signed up for. If you're not signed up for any, I'll have links down below.
  • The main overview will have your own unique links at the bottom. When you use these links to promote to your friends/readers, this website will automatically replace all outbound links to your affiliate links, where applicable.

Here are links to the affiliate programs this site supports as of this writing:

One thing to note is that these programs will handle everything and pay you, on their own, and I don't have anything to do with them other than the fact that my website can convert itself to your links. Also, as of this writing, both Amazon and CDBaby affiliate links are online, with iTunes and Zune pending a few more hurdles I have to get through.

That's pretty much it. Just sign up, configure your IDs, get your promotional links, and try turning your traffic into money. Please leave a comment if you have any questions, and I will try to update this blog with clarifications as needed.

~Mike Peralta

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