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  • Monkey Selfie's Copyright Battle (view)
  • Over 35,000 plays! (view)
  • 12,000 plays in 18 days! (view)
  • Transparent Anti-Bear Ball for Camping Hi-jinks (view)
  • New Song is OUT!!! (view)

Mike's Favorite Tweets

#musicmonday @mikeperalta - wasting all my time
@Crowthication, Hornchurch Essex
@PeraltaNation @mikeperalta mike your new single is sick Is sooo good.hope you doing well my friend.
@AxelBKR, L.A california
@mikeperalta I'm walking downtown listening to your new single and imagining a dubstep version entitled "I'm such a swag" lol =3
@Gornot, Belgrade, Serbia
Received the email from @mikeperalta ...I've got the free downloads! Thanks man
@JackEzam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Please listen to this beautiful song by Mike Peralta - A Story Forever @mikeperalta
@peculiar_light, wherever life takes me
@archtrax You need to follow my friend @mikeperalta , he's awesome singer. He'll follow back. Also loads stuff on YouTube. #Mikeperalta
@mikeperalta Yes, that's right, this annoying twit is back...Get off your ass and listen to #mikeperalta (don't be a drag!!!) @PeraltaNation
@mikeperalta Your song "My Mind (4:40)" plays at 2:09am and 2:09PM (PST) check it out at
@cgnipp, Central Maine USA
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